Valentina Lucia Fontana was born in 1988 in Naples and grew up in Modena. Since she was a little girl she dreamt about designing clothes. She used to dress up her dolls with snatches of tulle, satin bows and laces knitted by her grandmother matched with cut outs of yellow and black vinyl along with 80s fluorescent colours. As time went by, what was just a game that used to fill her afternoons became something more, a passion that made Valentina more and more curious.

Growing up, Valentina pursued the understanding of different forms of art. Always passioned and drawn to the art world in all its forms, she decided to start a journey through the history of Art, majoring with a bachelor’s degree. While nurturing that passion and curiosity towards fashion she lost herself wondering around the enchanting chalks statues that surrounded the entrance of Accademia di Brera, where she got her second degree in Fashion Design.

Driven by her versatile nature and her globetrotter character she decided to take off for London, where she collaborated with the brand “Plusthirtynine” that gave her the chance to get in touch with countless cultures and cherish every single moment.

The VALENTINA L FONTANA brand foundation brought the designer back to Milan, where she still lives. VALENTINA L FONTANA is addressed to the 21st century feminists, who take a stand and make a statement using fashion as a means. The brand creates uniforms for the everyday women that bring their personality around the world, with elegance, self-confidence, irony and discrete sensuality.